Close Personal Protection – What Does It Take To Be A Specialist And Is It Worth It?

Close personal protection isn’t a valid career choice for anyone. In fact, it isn’t an appropriate career choice for most people. If you have an interest in working in this industry you are probably already researching the sort of background credentials you need to work in this industry. You might also want to conduct some research to ascertain what percentage of trained people have steady employment and as to whether it is worth the effort. Is it possible that the skills and training you develop to work as a close personal protection specialist can be used in another potentially more lucrative role? Read more


Bodyguards Sydney – 2017 Is the Year of Uncertainty

If you are a bodyguard working in Sydney, you will know that 2017 is shaping up to be an uncertain year. The big question is will it affect the security industry in a positive way or will people working in protection services be disadvantaged by the global turmoil that is seemingly sweeping across the globe?  If some jobs in the security industry are threatened as a result, then where is the best place for a close protection professional to be positioned while these forces are unleashed on the world? Read more

Upskill to Move Up – The Savvy Security Guard

If you are a security guard working in Australia, there are a lot of opportunities. If you are a Sydney security guard then you know there is currently a lot of work around as investment in private business and public infrastructure grows, but there are perceived barriers to upwards mobility or career progression. For most of the guards working at the coalface, the opportunities for promotion are few and the level of elevation within each successive promotion isn’t high.

As one Sydney security guard put it “Once you have attained a basic knowledge of what you need to be a guard, there isn’t much more to the job unless you specialise. To move up, you need to move into management or look at other fields that involve maybe weapons training or personal protection. It just isn’t like other jobs where you get more skilled with experience.” Read more

Bodyguard in Sydney – What Are My Options?

If you are seriously contemplating being a bodyguard, chances are you are already working in the security industry or the armed forces. People (usually) don’t just wake up and decide they want to be a bodyguard. So, yes it is a serious career option for some. There are bodyguards who have spent the last 10 years of their life protecting other people, whether it be celebrities, high net worth individuals (or their families) or worse still ordinary people that suddenly feel threatened and need protection because of some action that they have personally taken that has made them the object of interest and suddenly need you to protect them. Read more

What Kind Of Work Is Available For Bodyguards In Sydney?

If you work as a bodyguard in Sydney, chances are you will probably be protecting a politician, a high net worth corporate executive or their families. Sydney, for a long time has enjoyed low crime rates, political stability and strong economic conditions that have fostered less demand for the types of bodyguards that are needed in other parts of the globe. There is little to no kidnap and ransom crimes, Sydneysiders feel relatively safe in expressing their personal beliefs on religion, politics and sexuality and for the time being they are not directly involved in any sort of military conflict that would make them a target. This being said, the best types of targets are those not expecting an attack. Read more

The Soft Skills Every Bodyguard Must Learn

We asked several professional bodyguards working in Sydney what essential skills are needed to be successful in this industry and what differentiates a good bodyguard from an elite one. These are their responses:

Be a Team Player.

Professional bodyguard services are typically provided in teams. While it is common for some clients to have just one long term bodyguard that they get to know and to trust, there is often a support team around them and they are usually supplied by a professional company that has many other value-added services as part of the contract. Read more

The New Breed of Bodyguard for Children

It used to be only the fabulously wealthy or instantly recognisable celebrities that would employ the services of a bodyguard. A new type of profession has been emerging for the wealthy families of Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The governor (or the increasingly more common governess). Families who have two very busy working parents with large salaries have always needed to employ a caregiver. These roles have historically entailed picking kids up from school, taking them to sports and other activities, helping them with homework and essentially assisting with domestic administration wherever it makes sense for the families own unique requirements. Read more

The 3 things you should know if you want to work as a bodyguard in Sydney

Sydney has seen a bit of a resurgence in the security industry, especially in the areas to providing protection services to C level executives and other elite white collar professionals who do not take their personal safety and the safety of their families for granted. The nature of work for the bodyguard is changing in Sydney and anyone considering working in this industry should be aware of the following trends.

  1. Work for a reputable agency.

    Unless you are good at marketing yourself and can handle sporadic workloads (many of them part-time) you will work much more regularly if you employed by an agency who can manage these kinds of operations. It is common for the new starter to have more irregular work than his/her more established colleagues. This will change as you prove yourself to be reliable, professional and as someone that the agency can entrust with more important assignments. There are many bodyguards trying to work solo and find that they are unable to satisfy customer needs because they are unable to provide continuous service due to being double-booked. Once you become the bodyguard that customers ask for specifically, any decent agency will recognise the value you provide the company and will look after you accordingly. Most of them know, not doing this is how their competitors start their own businesses.

Read more