Close Personal Protection and Physical Fitness: Your Considerations to Be in Shape

We often mention good communication skills, driving skills, effective training and sometimes qualification too as key attributes to consider when hiring a bodyguard for personal protection.

Aren’t we missing something here?

Yes, of course physical fitness. Isn’t it the first thing you look for in a bodyguard?

No one would be willing to pay for an unhealthy, physically weak bodyguard.

Health and physical fitness are significant factors that affect not only affect the performance of a bodyguard or close personal protection officer but the safety and security of the concerned client. What’s more, high fitness levels have been linked to high income levels in the personal protection and security industry.

As a rule of thumb, every bodyguard, must be in good shape and sound health.

That said, gathered below are some vital considerations with regard to physical fitness that every bodyguard, new or experienced male or female, should heed.

Your Commitment to Better Health

Don’t expect the job to be easier rather become stronger by committing to a fitness regimen. Regardless of your current health status, you must adhere to different type of high intensity workout programs to improve your strength and endurance while maintain your muscle mass and fitness.

Here are the required programs to consider:

Cardiovascular workout

Improving your cardiovascular health doesn’t necessarily mean to run on the treadmill constantly for an hour until you struggle to catch your breath.

You can indulge in activities as simple as swimming, biking and running and still boost your cardiovascular endurance.

However, it is important to incorporate a moderately intense workout circuit into your cardiovascular training that includes functional movements focusing on your flexibility and total body strength. These exercises may include jump rope, mountain climbers, sprints and lateral slides. If you still have some stamina left, finish your circuit off with a short walk.

Weight or fitness training

Weight training should be an essential part of a bodyguard’s fitness regime. Regularly training different body parts using weights can help develop strength and muscle mass, which is fundamental to close personal protection training and success.

Lunges, squats, deadlifts, bench press and dumbbell curls are some common weight training exercises that can be paired with aerobic movements like jumping rope and box jumps to increase the intensity of the workout and build more muscular endurance.

Stretching Routine

Needless to say, daily full body stretching is crucial to keep fatigue and muscular soreness at while improving the agility and flexibility of the body.

Arm circles, neck circles, hamstring and lower back stretch are some movements to incorporate in your stretching routine in order to make your daily bodyguard chores easier.

The Diet

Whether on duty or off-site, it is inevitable for a close personal protection officer to maintain a healthy diet including fish, poultry meat, fresh fish, lean beef, lentils and veggies.

Drink lots of water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated and curb hunger. While missing meals is all too common in a security job, make sure to keep your hunger in check by carrying high protein snacks like nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

To Sum UP

It is necessary to invest your time and effort in a good full body and strength workout program to be capable of performing your duties efficiently as a bodyguard.

Keep these considerations in mind and you are sure to perform at your peak level and become a preferable choice when it comes to hiring a competent bodyguard.


How Well Do You Know Your Bodyguard?

Bodyguards also known as close personal protection (CPP) officers play a crucial role in protecting people and businesses from critical threats and potential harm from unknown sources.

With so many professional security agencies providing reliable bodyguard hire services, it is not difficult to hire a bodyguard for personal protection and security.

But employing a CPP officer is only the first step in protecting your property and assets. What comes next is your first encounter with the bodyguard. Effective communication is crucial to better understand your security agent and maintain a working relationship with them.

What to ask your CPP agency?

A long, thorough one-on-one interaction session with your potential bodyguard may not seem as necessary if you are planning to hire a bodyguard for a single event or an international business trip, but if it’s a long-term investment, you will want to know your agent better to get best possible level of service.

Here are a few questions you can ask your personal protection agency or bodyguard:

  1. How long have you been working in this field?
  2. What is your (company’s) legal status?
  3. How do you describe your professional presence?
  4. Do you want me to learn certain code words or call signs?
  5. What type of emergencies have you encountered in the past? How did you handle them?
  6. Have you committed any mistakes in your personal protection career or have memories that you regret?
  7. Do you use an executive driver or an armoured vehicle?

All these questions will help you to understand your agent’s personality and level of professionalism while building a strong bond of trust and integrity.

TRUST Your Bodyguard with Your Life

Developing trust with your personal protection officer is paramount to their performance as a security professional and your client-bodyguard relationship.

A bodyguard is required to ensure a high level of security around their client. Distrusting your bodyguard with your life and their security moves will only make it difficult for them to meet their responsibilities and do their job.

Lack of trust and miscommunication can put your bodyguard in an unformattable setting and hinders their flexibility to take prompt yet effective actions.

Constant Communication is the Key

Getting to know your bodyguard or security agency should be a continual process.

After you have hired the security professional, you must maintain daily contact with your them. Not only will effective communication help you to learn more about them but it will also allow your bodyguard to get accustomed to your habits and personal cues.

Besides habitual contact, allow you bodyguard to review your daily routine to understand your everyday schedule better and identify what protection strategy will work best for you.

The Takeaway

No matter how experienced and competent your close personal protection officer or agency, they will always need and expect consistent communication and support from your end to perform their duties efficiently.

Moreover, make sure to hire a trained and licensed bodyguard in Sydney in the first place, to keep communication and performance issues to a minimum.

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