For anyone looking to hire a private investigator in Sydney, the is a strong chance that this is a new experience. Over 70% of private investigator engagements are made by people doing it the first time and like any first hire, you want to be sure you are getting value for money and that you are getting the best private investigator, not the best sales person.

No two private investigation specialists are the same. They will come from different backgrounds, use different techniques and very likely will employ different technology and tools. When looking to engage a private investigation professional, keep in mind some of these suggestions to aid in choosing the right person for the job.

  1. Match the professional for your job. No two jobs are identical. There is enough competition in the Sydney market these days where investigators have developed their own niches and specific fields of expertise. Use a specialist directly suited to your requirements.
  2. Ensure the people you are looking to use are fully licensed and ask to see physical copies of that licence. Check that the credentials are authentic, make sure that the identities are all correct and the licence has not expired.
  3. Ask for references and check them. Call them directly or better still (if you can) speak to them in person. Most private investigators will have reviews that are publicly viewable. Get information on the value for money, they deliver, the performance and the outcomes for their clients.
  4. Check on pricing before you engage anyone to provide investigation services. Make sure all pricing and expense obligations are disclosed and their pricing model is transparent. Make sure you know how much money you will need to spend up front and what the total liability will be. Also, find out if you are still obligated to pay if the investigator is not successful in delivering the outcomes you expect.
  5. It is reasonable to discuss the techniques, resources and technology that the investigator will use to complete your engagement. If they are unwilling to disclose this information or refuse to talk about the approach they will use for your job, then you have reason to be sceptical of the value they say they are delivering.
  6. Ask what kind of insurance are necessary to operate as an investigator and what types of cover are specifically required to undertake to the job you are offering. Ask for details on why these insurances are needed and what the risks that less professional operators would be taking if they didn’t purchase this kind of cover.
  7. Ask about the legal and ethical ramifications of the work they do and where the boundaries lie. Ask about unethical or illegal practices that other investigators may suggest and steer clear of investigators who you feel would employ techniques that break the law.

Apart from this guide, it is useful to ask an investigator for their background and how they got into the industry. Most private investigators will be former cops. It is not unreasonable to ask for this information.


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