Close personal protection isn’t a valid career choice for anyone. In fact, it isn’t an appropriate career choice for most people. If you have an interest in working in this industry you are probably already researching the sort of background credentials you need to work in this industry. You might also want to conduct some research to ascertain what percentage of trained people have steady employment and as to whether it is worth the effort. Is it possible that the skills and training you develop to work as a close personal protection specialist can be used in another potentially more lucrative role?

Get Started Young

If you ARE going to be a specialist in this field you are going to need to be multi-skilled. Apart from serious hand-to-hand combat skills you will probably also need to master weapons training, people and negotiation skills. It probably also wouldn’t hurt your resume to have skills in technology, fluency in at least one other language and proven leadership in team oriented exercises. To obtain this kind of CV you want to start as young as possible and upskill consistently. Many seasoned professionals will tell you that the real stuff the best close personal protection professionals possess can’t be taught., it is innate. The earlier you begin this sort of training, the more innate it will be.

Scope Out Your Career Options

Where is your ideal job? Is it with the Australian Federal Police? Is it with a private company? Is it managing your own company? Set your career goals early and manage your own progress. Evaluate your options at each milestone and above all, have a contingency plan. Many of the skills you attain in the pursuit of this career will be useful in other jobs. Choose the most difficult skills first and shoot to be the most proficient in the areas that other people find the most difficult and the most marketable in other careers. This will set you up for the best possible chance of success and the most comfortable landing position for a secondary pursuit if you have setbacks.

Stay Clean

If you want to work in the security industry, you need a clean record. Any history or association with any criminal activity will destroy a security oriented career. Moderate your intake of alcohol (or stay away from it completely), focus on health and fitness, don’t smoke. Don’t even think about illegal drugs.

Get the Right Background Training

You should take the time to look at the people working in the roles you aspire to be in and check out their background. Are they degree qualified? If so, in which areas? Do they have police or military training? What kinds of achievements does it take to get to where you are not only employable but sought after?

Most of all, it is worth examining the career, the remuneration, the broad job prospects and whether it suits the kind of life you want to live. Is the work outside of the capital cities? Are you employable after 50 or even 40? What kind of work can you go into once this career ends? If you are interested in close personal protection as a job, make sure you’re your inspection is deep and doesn’t just focus on the key elements that attract you to working in the industry.


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