If you are a bodyguard working in Sydney, you will know that 2017 is shaping up to be an uncertain year. The big question is will it affect the security industry in a positive way or will people working in protection services be disadvantaged by the global turmoil that is seemingly sweeping across the globe?  If some jobs in the security industry are threatened as a result, then where is the best place for a close protection professional to be positioned while these forces are unleashed on the world?

It is difficult to predict what 2017 is going to bring. It is impossible to turn on the news without being immersed in American politics and the collective outrage and unprecedented changes in the US political landscape. The knock-on effects will be huge if it continues. Global stock markets have already started to tank on fears that the protectionist policies in the US are going to send the country and perhaps the world into a severe recession. Jobs in many industries look threatened ad security services will not be exempt if and when companies going through hard times have to slash their budgets.

But, surely jobs must be created too when uncertainty reigns supreme. Executives still need close personal protection, probably more so than in times of lengthy political and economic stability. There is already commentary that some countries are preparing for war. This has to create demand for security services somewhere, but where? Where are the tides of job opportunities flowing that protection professional should swim towards?

Government Agencies

If you are not already working for a security company that provide security and protection service for government, then look at offering your services to one. While private companies are tightening spending across the board, it is a different story for organisations that are tax-payer funded. As potential threats increase, the demand for services protecting government stake-holders increases too and government funds will be allocated accordingly. Selling your services to the professional companies that have secured these government contracts can be a lucrative move.

Private Security for Executives And High Net Worth Individuals

Their companies share price might be tanking, but the CEO will always be well looked after and they will be looking to ensure the members of their family are well-protected too. Uncertainty will definitely make some executives nervous and encourage spending on the safety of themselves and their loved ones. Many bodyguards will scour BRW rich lists and the like to see up and coming entrepreneurs who haven’t even considered the possibility that they might need security. They will make contact somehow through a mutual contact and sell their services by educating the startled newcomer to wealth that security services are now necessary because their risk profile has evolved.

Freelance Your Services

If you are going to work as a freelance bodyguard, then make sure people looking for you can find you. Many private bodyguards will market themselves these days using a variety of advertising mediums. Digital marketing channels, social media marketing and other more conventional forms of advertising are all used by bodyguards looking to sell protection services. If you are looking to take advantage of the rising demand in the domestic security industry, then make sure your prospective customers find you when they go looking and not your competitors.


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