If you are a security guard working in Australia, there are a lot of opportunities. If you are a Sydney security guard then you know there is currently a lot of work around as investment in private business and public infrastructure grows, but there are perceived barriers to upwards mobility or career progression. For most of the guards working at the coalface, the opportunities for promotion are few and the level of elevation within each successive promotion isn’t high.

As one Sydney security guard put it “Once you have attained a basic knowledge of what you need to be a guard, there isn’t much more to the job unless you specialise. To move up, you need to move into management or look at other fields that involve maybe weapons training or personal protection. It just isn’t like other jobs where you get more skilled with experience.”

Weapons and Combat Training

If you want to develop your skills in this area, then you will be competing with highly trained ex-military personnel or possibly even ex-police officers. Don’t expect to be doing jobs related to these types of skills forever. There is a limited shelf life for trained specialists in these fields and a lot of young trainees coming up through the ranks looking for this sort of work. There are plenty of other areas where you can upskill related to jobs you would need weapons training for (example: tactical and operational). Always keep in mind that you are not going to be 25 forever and plan for your next job after work that requires weapons training.

Management and Logistics

Learning how to manage people is a valuable skill and one that you can take to any industry. There are lots of options for training from industry certifications to university degrees. Anyone who can manage an operation is valuable to a company. If you are currently working as a guard, getting decent management qualifications will open a lot of options to you both in the security industry and outside it.

Security Education

If you are a highly-trained security professional, then you are probably in a good position to perhaps teach those skills to new recruits. There will always be work in development and training and if you are the sort of person that enjoys developing talent, then maybe this is a field that you can look at for the days where you don’t want to work as a guard patrolling shopping centres or construction sites anymore.

Security Operations

The staff working in the control rooms behind the scenes of big events where crowd control is needed know what it is like to be an officer on the ground. For big events, such as festivals, events that require high security focus (such as the Olympics or tennis tournaments), sophisticated security analysis and operational capability are paramount. Being able to develop skills in such a specialised field means less competition in an elite industry where these sorts of skills are in demand. At such events, sometimes these jobs will be handled by government agencies, especially when National Security is a factor, but there will often also be work for private companies, especially when key personnel from government agencies make decisions to form their own businesses and have strong relationships with consumers of these types of security services.


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