If you are seriously contemplating being a bodyguard, chances are you are already working in the security industry or the armed forces. People (usually) don’t just wake up and decide they want to be a bodyguard. So, yes it is a serious career option for some. There are bodyguards who have spent the last 10 years of their life protecting other people, whether it be celebrities, high net worth individuals (or their families) or worse still ordinary people that suddenly feel threatened and need protection because of some action that they have personally taken that has made them the object of interest and suddenly need you to protect them.

If you are seriously looking being a career bodyguard and you want to know what sort of options you have for working in Sydney, then your choices come down to 3 major areas of business.

Government, Political Dignitaries and Ambassadors.

This work is by far the most available, lucrative and sought after by close personal protection industry professionals. If you are a security company lucky enough to land a contract for a government department, there will be ongoing work, immeasurable goodwill and the benefit of being able to say to prospective clients that you provide security services to the prime minister of Australia. Chances are you will find it difficult to find employment with one of these companies unless you have some serious combat / tactical experience and can demonstrate skills well above other people competing for these roles. This sector represents the majority of work available for closer personal protection specialists in Australia.

High Net Worth Individuals and Their Families.

You pay here may vary from $300 to $1,200 per day depending on who you’re protecting, their level of paranoia and largely on your ability to market yourself and your team. This is the sector of the industry that does not represent steady well paid long term contracts, but short term (often lucrative) sporadic engagements that may be terminated at short notice. Quite often you will see the same security company bidding for this work and using well trained seasoned security professionals that can be marketed for top dollar.

Anyone Else Needing Close Personal Protection.

Welcome to the dangerous end of the market. Want to supply close personal protection for high profile targets operating gangs funded by the proceeds of crime? This might not necessarily be your engagement, but if you are a professional supplying protection services, your first responsibility should be to yourself and you should ask of yourself what risks you will be taking. Never take on a job without fully understanding the risks, if you don’t understand the risks, you could potentially be taking on a $500 job that could get you killed. Always know who you are working for, why your protection services are required and the threat profile. Do your own research as to why your protection services are being procured.

Above all, your ability to thrive in this industry will come down to experience. If you want to work in this industry, but lack experience, consider another less dangerous profession. If you are an experienced professional looking to advance their career, know that you have a very limited window to provide these kind of services and look for options outside direct close personal protection.


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