If you live in Sydney and you have a requirement for private investigations, the investigators supplied by CP-SIIG are some of the most experienced in Sydney with a collective background as diverse as the industry itself. All of the investigators are industry specialists in their own fields of discipline. Many are accomplished leaders with strong connections in security agencies or respective backgrounds. CP-SIIG has their experts on the ground ready to assist in the following areas:


CP-SIIG specialise in computer forensics, intrusion detection and confidentiality assurance. They can instigate online crime and investigations involving harassment or digital bullying. CP-SIIG will gather and document all necessary evidence required for a conviction. If you have been the victim of an online scam they can identify the real perpetrators, gather evidence and facilitate the commencement of legal action. They can gather and analyse mobile forensics for any corporate or family related matter.

Document Examination

CP-SIIG provides services for identification of handwriting and signatures and document forgery. They can detect alterations, additions, deletions or substitutions in documents and can also verify documents for authenticity.

Surveillance Services

CP-SIIG can supply modern surveillance services that can be used for cases involving employment, workplace injury, debt collection, family member addictions and cheating spouses. They can supply evidence in photographic or video form and all investigations are conducted with absolute confidentiality and discretion. All investigators are fully licensed and operate according to the National Privacy Principles. We use cutting gedge equipment that can be sued to film in the most inconvenient circumstances.

Missing Persons

Every missing persons case is unique. Our specialists have extensive experience in locating missing persons with backgrounds in security and law enforcement. We understand that there are a wide range of cases from missing family members or friends to debtors or associates with special needs. We have partnerships with all of the valuable organisations and agencies that can be leveraged to expedite the location process.

Child Abduction

Luckily, CPSIIG are not called on to perform these services a great deal. Such cases are usually the result of complex family matters and are highly distressing for anyone even remotely involved. If we are engaged to do this kind of work it typically involves rigorous planning and investigation. We often have to travel, liaise with local authorities and report to multiple stakeholders during the operation. In all situations, we regard the safety of the child or children as paramount and the most critical objective in any matter.

Process Serving

We are fully licensed to serve process at any location in Australia and are adept at locating specific persons of interest so that documents can be formally served upon them.

Background Checking

CPSIIG work with a number of government and private employers to perform background and security checking services. We can also perform background checks on persons who are potential romantic interests for individuals looking to ensure their newly found love doesn’t have a background they cannot live with early on in the relationship.


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