If you work as a bodyguard in Sydney, chances are you will probably be protecting a politician, a high net worth corporate executive or their families. Sydney, for a long time has enjoyed low crime rates, political stability and strong economic conditions that have fostered less demand for the types of bodyguards that are needed in other parts of the globe. There is little to no kidnap and ransom crimes, Sydneysiders feel relatively safe in expressing their personal beliefs on religion, politics and sexuality and for the time being they are not directly involved in any sort of military conflict that would make them a target. This being said, the best types of targets are those not expecting an attack.

Several new millionaires (and a couple of new billionaires) were added to the BRW Rich 200 List for 2016. Personal security and protecting those closest to them would not necessarily be at the forefront of day to day thoughts for these newly minted wealthy Australians – why would it be? It is not something they would have had to think about before and more than likely their thought processes would have been occupied by the execution of strategy that put them on the list. It will come as a shock to a new BRW rich lister that theirs and their loved one’s security should be considered when it is delicately suggested to them for the first time. The greater part of this new horror they suddenly feel is the realisation that they are such attractive and vulnerable targets. You can expect to work for this kind of client if you have built up enough high profile experience that gives them the comfort they need to feel knowing that they and their children are fully protected. You won’t get this kind of work at the beginning of your career unless you are riding on the back of a more experienced team.

The typical work available for specialist bodyguards in Sydney is protecting local and visiting political figures and dignitaries. Visiting celebrities may bring some additional work, but you will need to be working for one of the leading agencies to secure these types of jobs, they aren’t shopped around to many suppliers. Furthermore, many vising principals will bring their own security staff, so any work you do secure as a security specialist will likely be working in an advisory capacity to provide local information to their full time team.

The professional bodyguards working in Sydney will tell you that 90% of the work is clinical and boring. You can expect to be asked to submit a lot of preparatory analysis, perform a lot of advance security inspections for planned sites and travel routes. You will need to be constantly updating your local knowledge on known and emerging threats and you will need to be able to assess and mitigate risk.

It might sound obvious, but the biggest risks come from change. Changes to routine, changes to staff, changes to traffic conditions and changes to circumstances that make your principal a target to an entity that previously wouldn’t have been considered a threat. The elite close personal protection officer is trained to identify change as their first touch point for threat analysis. In a city like Sydney where the demand for personal security services has been historically low, the next successful attack will come from change.


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