Sydney has seen a bit of a resurgence in the security industry, especially in the areas to providing protection services to C level executives and other elite white collar professionals who do not take their personal safety and the safety of their families for granted. The nature of work for the bodyguard is changing in Sydney and anyone considering working in this industry should be aware of the following trends.

  1. Work for a reputable agency.

    Unless you are good at marketing yourself and can handle sporadic workloads (many of them part-time) you will work much more regularly if you employed by an agency who can manage these kinds of operations. It is common for the new starter to have more irregular work than his/her more established colleagues. This will change as you prove yourself to be reliable, professional and as someone that the agency can entrust with more important assignments. There are many bodyguards trying to work solo and find that they are unable to satisfy customer needs because they are unable to provide continuous service due to being double-booked. Once you become the bodyguard that customers ask for specifically, any decent agency will recognise the value you provide the company and will look after you accordingly. Most of them know, not doing this is how their competitors start their own businesses.

  1. Know your customer.

    The world is changing. Outdated threats are becoming less common, new threats are emerging and with them are new customers with different sets of needs that demand analysis and inspection. The new successful bodyguards are security experts, well-educated and have keep their industry knowledge current so that they can develop risk and assessment plans to combat new types of threats that will catch the more incompetent professionals off guard.

    With any new customer comes opportunity to offer services that they cannot find anywhere else. Many professional bodyguards are adding different skills to their repertoire to give them a distinct edge over their competition. Many Sydney bodyguards now double as child educators or as a chef to provide the customer with additional value they don’t get from traditional security companies.

    If you are able to market yourself as a boutique services provider with one of the services being personal protection, you are providing a lot more value to the customer than a traditional bodyguard and it also provides a nice cover for anyone outside coming into contact if the customer wants to keep the nature of those security services private.

  1. Expect each job to be very different.

    As the need for different types of security service expands, so do the types of jobs you will be booked for. With each new job, comes different risks that need to be assessed. Make sure you accurately assess the threats of any new job you take on as they are likely to be very different from your last job. The scariest situations that experienced bodyguards describe are usually crowd related scenarios that have quickly gotten out of control (common with celebrities) or professional hits. In the case of a professional hit, all parties know that the easiest way to hit the target is to remove the security which will put the protection officer at just as much risk as the client, in many cases, at more risk. Being able to adapt to each new job with a fresh outlook will take discipline, but will ensure you stay in the profession for longer.


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