It is now a well-known that small business retailers lose millions of dollars to shoplifters every second of every single day.

“A typical business can lose up to 5% of its revenue to burglary, fraud or theft.”

“Businesses are four times as likely to be burglarised as homes.”

“64% of all small businesses experience employee theft.”

In addition, there have been many studies and reports that state that corporations and businesses today are more likely to be burglarised. Keeping the increasing number of thefts, security breaches and burglaries in mind, installing some kind of surveillance in office premises has become an indispensable requirement for businesses of all sizes.

We have listed some common benefits of incorporating surveillance in your business that will assist you in understanding how a cutting-edge security solution can help your business grow.

Theft Prevention

Theft of money, equipment and other assets remains a crucial challenge for businesses of all sizes and from all industries.

Installing video monitors within the company allows business owners and administrators to keep track of real-time happenings and prevent theft.

Boost business productivity

Overt surveillance at the workplace has often been associated with improved productivity and thus, more profits. Many studies have shown that employees who are under continuous surveillance, and who are completely aware of its existence, tend to perform better overall.

Additionally, having electronic surveillance systems installed to monitor employees and their actions allows managers and supervisors more time to focus on activities that are actually productive.

Robust support for claims

With high quality CCTV and monitoring systems incorporated within the organisation, business owners have access to high quality imaging and recordings, which can then be used to prove the undesirable activity beyond any dispute.


Dangers to a business do not simply come from the outside. There can be many varied threats which may well impact adversely affect the financial stability of your company. These threats may occur anywhere within the workplace which results in the loss of money, assets and even employees of your organisation.

With any such requirements one must have the latest and most advanced professional surveillance systems available.

CP SIIG is able to provide all of your surveillance camera (CCTV) requirements as well as a myriad of other support services including general surveillance and private investigations. CP SIIG has been purposely designed to cater for any sized business from the smallest sole trader to the largest of corporations and the government.

one such certified security firm that has conducted a number of private investigations in Sydney for small privately owned business to established government organisations.

Be sure to know all of our preferred providers to get the most out of your overall security requirements.


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